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Caroline Mercer 0001b
Caroline Mercer 0001b

Bea and Bertie


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This is a bespoke piece which tells the story of how humans connect with animals.

The girl (Bea) is now in her teens and is autistic, finding it very difficult to connect with other people. She is now very aware of this and feeling angry,  this manifests itself in “public”. She is no longer “cute” and really not understood. Her mother is frantically looking for something which will help her connect with herself and others and restore an equilibrium. She reads about a dog which has been severely abused and neglected, found tied to railway line. She has lost a leg and rescued by a local animal shelter. Bertie the dog is doing just fine now, physically. But, he also cannot trust or connect. Mum, calls the rescue centre and takes Bea to meet him. They instantly connect and now they spend all their time together, calm and understood. Happy. There is a purpose.
They speak to eachother all day. Bea shows Bertie at local dog shows and confidence is restored all round. Life is good when you have a sidekick.

Height 40cm

Painting Reference: CM0001