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Julie thinks she an old lady. She works very hard at what she does and does so with dignity. She doesn’t sit still; when she does she thinks a lot; too much. She thinks about people she loves and lost. She’s beautifully tall and used to be a very talented runner. She’s a bit stiff now, her knees hurt. But she looks after herself, always made up, presentable.

She knows about medicine and things that are good for you. “You have to look after your feet… They are things that connect you to our mother earth. They are the map of your body. Look after your feet.”

She gets up early the morning to greet the day and the birdsong. She dreams of running, and wakes remembering she can’t do it anymore. She keeps all things clean and is very proud of her work. She takes the bus to work and doesn’t really go anywhere else but she can draw. Her dad taught her to look at detail and love nature. She made a face out of clay once but she doesn’t like the eyes, he came to her in her dreams.

She wants to make things again, it’s been a while and it a bit scary; she sees things most people don’t see. “People are kind to me; don’t be kind to me too.”