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A ceramic portrait

The Old Man of the Sea


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A ceramic portrait

A stranger came to visit and we talked about the sea, actually we talked a lot about fish.

He reminded me of Hemingway’s Old Man and I thought “Live by the Sea, Die by The Sea”.

He got me thinking about how we do things we don’t want to do and how we do things we were born to do. How some people never “get round to it”, or wait for it to happen.

He is a restauranteur and in actual fact, he owns a fish restaurant.
He sees all the colours and shapes of the world in the sea, in a fish; every fish. All his sense come alive. His eyes glow. He knows the strength and the gentility of the sea. He knows it is bigger than us and that it has a lot of secrets. It’s not worth trying to conquer or train it.

He lives a life parallel to the Old Man. He will put everything into it and respects that it might kill him. He has ambition and he might kill it. But, in the meantime they sit together, connected and respecting; serving a purpose.



Sorry, the original has already been sold and is unavailable to purchase.

Painting Reference: CM0002